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 Skoe def not great but check it out

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PostSubject: Skoe def not great but check it out   Sun Sep 19, 2010 8:57 am

By sethmartin1 at 2010-09-19

Red= Traps .. with the open floor plan traps can be put down almost anywhere ...

Orange= bombs we need many bomb if we get bpmb down it can break there armor n make them easy kill...

Light blue= all phyiscal attk gyspys nd clowns with tht we cna use slow grance nd sight so they cnat hide nd be great way to kill...

Violet= Emp...Duh.. Smile

Yellow= is all magic its prof preist wizzy .. with this if they dont have tgtb they wont get through ..

Green = is sniper this area is a ood sniper place since snipers can reach through basic the whole map it need space to trap nd this is a important spot n keeping this castle..

If u have ny other idea tell me ... Hope ya'll enjoy.. Very Happy
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Skoe def not great but check it out
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