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 Armor Property Guide

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PostSubject: Armor Property Guide   Armor Property Guide EmptyMon Jul 19, 2010 8:54 am

Created by Rein from xile aka HF(my guild)

Since armour swapping has been a very popular argument lately, i decided to make a short guide on the subject.

The term 'Armour swapping' means switching your current armour to another one with a different card implented. This feature is used most likely only in PK situations, and often by so called 'pro' players only. By changing your armour and in the same time your characters property, you can avoid loads of damage, and achieve an advantaged status against your opponent.

Here's the list of all the different Cards to implent on Armor and monster locations (Body slot)

Holy Property - Angeling card. Find Angeling e.g in pay_fild04 (Miniboss)

Poison Property - Argiope card. Find Argiope at @warp mjolnir_05

Shadow Property - Bathory card. Find Bathory in alde_dun04 (I found some in the outer part of Glastheim aswell)

Wind Property - Dokebi card. Find Dokebi in gl_dun01 (Am mut slave) or pay_dun04 (last level)

Undead Property - Evil Druid Card. Evil Druid is pretty hard to kill, and you have to kill loads of them for the TGTB quest. I'd suggest everyone to buy one, since people have loads and they are cheap.

Ghost Property - Ghostring Card. Ghostring is located e.g. in pay_fild04 or sunken ship lvl 2. It's a miniboss and many hunt it for the card (worth 50 to 80m on PK server)

Fire Property - Pasana Card. Pasanas can be found in Sphinx lvl 4.

Earth Property - Sand Man Card. Find Sand mans at moc_fild16

Water Property - Swordfish Card. Swordfishes can be found at Byalan Dungeon lvl 4 and 5.

Some non-property changing armour and Shield slot cards (PvP/PvM)


Orc Lord card - Has a 30% chance of reflecting melee damage (Buy from players, Good luck trying to kill the MVP..)

Cornutus card - Makes your armour indestructible in battle (Doesnt work on upgrade attempts) (Byalan dungeon lvl 3 for cornutus card)

Marc Card - Makes you 'Unfrozen', means that you can not be frozen (Storm Gust, Frost Diver, Frost Joke etc.) (Byalan dungeon lvl 4 is pretty full of marcs)


High Orc card - Reflect 5% of all Melee damage (+1 Def)

Horn card - Reduce Long ranged damage by 35% (Snipers, Clown etc.)

Thara Frog card - Reduce damage from Demi-humans (aka other players) by 30%

Maya card - 30% Chance of rebounding magic attacks (firebolt, one SG hit)

Golden Thiefbug card - Block greatly against Magic attacks. Double SP consumption (Same effect as Ghostring does on normal attacks, but against magic)

'True Golden Thiefbug' card - Block Magic spells totally, Increase greatly SP Consumption (very hard to get, a XileRO only custom card obtainable via TGTB Quest. See here: http://forums.xilero.net/showthread.php?t=104 )


Harpy card - Reduce damage from neutral property by 15% (non-endowed melee)

Hode card - Reduce damage from earth property by 30% (Heavens Drive) +5 flee

Isis card - Reduce damage from shadow property by 30% (helps against TK, SL and SG using Warm Wind that turns to shadow and is very useful against LK using Executioner sword) +5 flee

Jakk card - Reduce damage from fire property by 30% (Magnum Break, Fire bolts etc) +5 flee

Marionette card - Reduce damage from ghost property by 30% (ehh, useless but ill post it anyway) +5 flee

Marse card - Reduce damage from water property by 30% (Cold bolt, Storm gust) +5 flee

Myst card - Reduce damage from poison property by 30% (Enchant poison) +5 flee

Orc Zombie card - Reduce damage from undead property by 30% (err, dunno again. Useless for win)

Raydric card - Reduce damage from Neutral property by 20% (normal attacks)

Different Armour swapping scenarios, use for different elements.

Holy Property: Paladin skills like Grandcross and Holy cross, Priests Holy light and damage from Counter evil arrows and silver arrows nullified. All attacks of holy property WILL MISS (no reduction, just miss)

Shadow Property: Decrease Poison damage by 50%, Undead damage by 100% and Ghost damage by 25%. Shadow property attacks will miss (Warm wind, Executioner sword)

Ghost Property: Decreases normal damage by 75%. Good against monsters, powerless against any other elemental damage (magnum break, endow)

Undead Property: Poison property damage will miss, if the opponent uses 1 weapon, and will hit 1 if the opponent uses 2 weapons. Same goes with shadow property damage. Undead damage will miss. [Fixed by Argetlam704]

Poison Property: Poison Property attacks will miss, Shadow and undead damage will be halved. This means that Enchant poison SinX'es wont be able to hit you (ENCHANT POISON, NOT ENCHANT DEADLY POISON [If both, it will still miss])

Wind Property: Decrease Wind prop. Damage by 75%, and Water prop damage by 50%. Decreases greatly Lightning bolt or Jupitel Thunder damage (against spamming profs and wizards)

Fire Property: Decrease Fire prop. Damage by 75% and Earth prop damage by 50%. Uses: Magnum break or fire endowed players will deal you the same damage as they would on ghostring armor without endows). Decreases also Earth damage (Heavens drive)

Earth Property: Decrease Earth property damage by 50%. Works against skills like Heavens drive, but is pretty useless since same bonus comes from Fire prop armors aswell.

Water Property: Decrease Earth property damage by 75% and fire property by 50%. Works against Storm Gust and Cold bolts etc.


Orc Lord card - This rebounces 30% of the damage inflicted back to the attacker, which means that players that have 101k HP will always win against players with 30K HP, since the other player will receive 30k damage trying to kill the opponent. Good for high vit.

Cornutus card - Make stupid creators get angry because they cant break your armour Mad no actually useful thing to do with this card.

Marc card - Unfrozen status is great in WoE when Clowns and wizards try to freeze you.


Maya Card - Easy way to kill crappy wizards with low hp without doing anything.

High Orc card - Works well when used in the same time with Orc Lord card.

GTB - Pretty useful in PK / WoE

TGTB - Immortality against int build Professors, causes irritation amongst wizards :3


As far as I know, they all are dropped by Unholy Path monsters (not bosses). However, its much easier to just buy them yourself.
4 Different propertys exist:
Fire Armor
Wind Armor
Earth Armor
Water Armor

Each armor effects the user, by turning the users element automatically to the corresponding element of the armor (of lvl 1).
Example: A player wears Fire armor, thus his/her property changes to Fire lvl 1. This means Fire and Earth property attacks will do less, when water and poison propertys will do more.

About cards on elemental armors:
Since the armor is already of a property, it would be stupid to add an element changing card to it. For example, if you put a Ghostring card in a Fire armor, the armor would just turn ghost property, not ghost and fire property. Another example: Putting Pasana card (convert element to fire lvl 1) in a fire armor will give the same effect even without the card. The element wont change to lvl 2 for instance, but it will stay the same.

If you cut out the element changing cards, you're left with status modifier cards.
The most common options would be the following:

Orc Lord Card - See above
Killer Mantis Card - Adds 10% chance of auto casting 'External bleeding' on the enemy when the user receives physical damage (not ranged or magic)
Nightmare Terror Card - Adds 10% chance of auto casting 'Curse' on the enemy when the user receives physical damage (not ranged or magic)

The list of such cards is long, i dont really know if they work or not though. Thread will be updated.


Using different property armours can also lead to a disadvantaged status, for example if you use Water Property armor and then suddenly the wizard spams you with Lightning bolts. Armor property cards turn your armor to lvl 1 of the named element. Here's the lvl 1 element list (borrowed from roempire.com):
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Armor Property Guide
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