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 BoM Badge drop list !

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BoM Badge drop list ! Empty
PostSubject: BoM Badge drop list !   BoM Badge drop list ! EmptyMon Jul 19, 2010 3:19 pm

Made by Rein

These are the MVPs that do drop BoM and a percentage at which they drop by. I still haven't been able to kill some so if I missed one, please do help out and reply.

Dark Lord(Undead 4) 20% gl_chyard(- Glast Heim Churchyard
+ 1x / 10~60 min) and gld_dun04( Britoniah Guild Dungeon
+ 1x / 120~480 min)
Baphomet 20% prt_maze03
Stormy Knight 20% xmas_dun02
Doppelganger 20% gef_dun02 and gld_dun02
Pharaoh 20% in_sphinx5
Moonlight Flower 20% pay_dun04 (usually in the center of the map)
Thanatos 20% thana_boss
Maya 20% anthell02 and gld_dun03
Golden Thief Bug 20% prt_sewb4
Turtle General 20% tur_dun04 100 100
Vesper 20% jupe_core
Drake 20% treasure02
Evil Snake Lord 20% gon_dun03
Detale 20% abyss_03
Ifrit 20% thor_v03
Incantation Samurai 20% ama_dun03
Kiel D-01 15% Warp Npc>Dungeons>Kiel dungeon then walk to lvl 2
Ktullnax 15% ice_dun03
Amon Ra 15% moc_pryd06 100 100
Orc Lord 15% gef_fild10
Orc Hero 15% gef_fild14
Gloom Under Night 15% ra_san05
RSX 0806 10% ein_dun02
Lady Tanee ayo_dun02

These are the MVPs that DO NOT drop BoM badges.

Lord of Death
Tao Gunka
Maya Purple
Fallen Bishop
Egnigem Cenia
Valkyrie Randgris

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BoM Badge drop list !
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