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 Sinx Build Guide EMPS/SAS/LDS/UBERS

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Sinx Build Guide EMPS/SAS/LDS/UBERS Empty
PostSubject: Sinx Build Guide EMPS/SAS/LDS/UBERS   Sinx Build Guide EMPS/SAS/LDS/UBERS EmptyMon Jul 19, 2010 8:47 am

this guide is made by my fellow friend kurosaki hope it helps !!
~*!|Okay guys I decided to contribute so i borrowed some help...if there is anything that you guys see that needs redoing and also if you have some tips please add them to help others in the guild....THANKS IN ADVANCE|!*~


This guild is taken from XileRO borads written by HanaSaKu-Krytzu:

For Beginners, the jobs to become Assassin cross:
Novice -> Theif -> Assassin -> Novice High (reborn) -> Theif High -> Assassin Cross (aka. SinX)

*5 Types of Assassins*:
1) Critical SinX - After the updates, this is most preferred by all.
2) Breaker SinX - Still Pwns, with the right build, 25K+ on SinXs. Unless they are extremely good at Armours and garment Switching.
3) Meteor Assult (MA) SinX- After the updates, no one relys on it too much. On the other hand, it is very important in WoE.
4) Envenom build- This is a new build I'm trying now, still to come.
5) Hybird build - Very versatile. See more ahead.
6) Flee Build - Breaking castles, specially when you are rallied in emp room. Can't do shit alone, but with a whole group, it can be very good. About PvP, I wouldn't use this at all, but the char is yours, do w/e you want with it.

*Equipments for the Rich*

Head Gears
+4-10 Triple/Quadriple BKC LKH/EQW/Set Helm/Token Set Helm
Wings of Angel/Demon/Middle Set Piece (Use anti-status cards here)
+4-10 BKC Alpha/Omega/Archangel/MW/Set Wing

+4-10 Ghost Chain Mail/CoB/Another Elite Armor (You will use more than one here).

+5-10 Xecutioner/Katar of Chaos
+4-10 Elemental Katars (Hardly ever used, most likely in PvP, but still not famous).
+4-10 Lords knife/Oblivion Blade/Talefing/Phoenix Wing (Depending on your build)

+4-10 Immune Manteau (you'll be using this for a long long time)

Sleipnir/BoG (Moonlight Flower/Matyr/Verit/Antique Firelock)

2 Megingjards
2 Faiths ( For different SinX build, Breaker )
2 Envys ( For Flee Build)

*Equipments for the Poor* ( Pretty much the same )
Instead of DH/LKH/EQW- LightBulb hat! (I started this game with it^^)
Instead of Uber Wings(OW/AW/AAW)- Holy/Dragon Wings (I started with this too!)
Instead of Xecutioner- Jur (3 slots)- I'll get to the card part later.
Instead of Megingjards - Celebration rings

*Stats Build and skills needed* (I'll do it each build at a time so no one gets confused!)

Critical SinX:
Status Build:
STR - 230+Bonus ( Make it Divisible by 10 )
AGI - Max your Attack Speed ( Should be more than 90 without Bonus )
VIT - Until HP not less than 150K (Don't act like a hero, I see some that keeps it at 1)
INT - 1 ( Dont bother adding )
DEX - 150 Total ( With Bonus )
LUK - Put it to 150 or more without bonus

Breaker SinX:
Skill required:
Status Build
STR - 150++ ( Without bonus, and you need it to carry your stuff )
AGI - Max your attack speed
VIT - Again, not less than 150K HP
INT - MAX 255 ( Breaker is INT based)
DEX- 150 total / Get till Instant cast
LUK - Keep it at 1

MA SinX ( Meteor Assult ):
Status Build
STR - Same as a Critical SinX 230+
AGI - Max your attack speed
VIT - = =, Again, not less than 150k HP
INT - Nope, 1
DEX - 150 Total ( You will need phreeroni card to hit the flee type SinX/Snipers)
LUK - Have more to spare? Throw them here.

Hybird Build
Hybird build is basically a build that allows you to have equal, nice damage from each build mentioned just now. Good breaker damage and good Crit damage etc etc.

Status build
STR - Keep it around 180- 190, not too much.
AGI - Max up your Attack speed.
VIT - You will need this, so keep your HP at 120- 140k at least.
INT - More than 150 base. You need this for breaker.
DEX - For MA and other skill spam. 150 in total.
LUK - I would say around 150+ base.

Flee Build
Usefull in WoE, but ONLY for attacking. Don't do shit when defending. What you do basically is wait for the rally in the emp room. Then you cloack and walk till the emp, trap by trap till the emp. Then EDP and break it.

Status build
STR - Only a lil, enough for breaking the caslte in 4-5 seconds with EDP, what is not hard at all. I would put 100-120.
AGI - 255
VIT - Second most important atribute after AGI. At least 180k HP. If you are using Emp Set, 200k+ would be awsome.
INT - None.
DEX - 'Till free cast.
LUK - None, unless you wanna try perfect dodge build, what I don't recommend, since it's hard to get a good amount of it.

Equipment for flee build
Since flee build is a lot different from the other builds, I'll put a section with the right stuff ONLY for flee build.

Option 1 - Pure Flee:

Headgear: Dorwy Hat (3 BKCs)
Emp Shoulder's (MPC/ESL)
Deveiling Wings (BKC)

Armor: Tannin Armor (GR)
Weapon: Oblivion Blade (4 MFCs)
Shield: Guard/Buckler (GTB/TGTB)
Cape: Muffler/Manteau (Nine Tail Card)
Boots: Sleipnir
Acessories: Brooch of Envy (x2)

With this build, I could hit 850~ flee with 190k~ HP. Kinda good if you are rushing with a whole attacking group. Besides that, it's useless.

Option 2 - HP+Flee:

Headgear: Emp Helm (3 BKC)
Emp Shoulder's (MPC/ESL)
Emp Wings (BKC)

Armor: CoB/Another Elite Armor (GR)
Weapon: Oblivion Blade (4 MFCs)
Shield: Guard/Buckler (GTB/TGTB)
Cape: Muffler/Manteau (Nine Tail Card)
Boots: BoG (Moonlight Flower/Matyr/that one that need +10 refine, lol)
Acessories: Brooch of Envy (x2)

Pretty much the same, but you will have a lot more HP, something like 220k, depending on your status, and your flee will be 800~ or something like that.

Now seriously, want an advice? Use Emp Set with a lot more Vit instead of 255 AGI. Trust me, 250k+ HP and 650-700 flee will be enough for attacking with a whole attacking group.

Edit: Oh yea, IFC. If you have em, there's no secret. Use em. With that you will hit 1k+ flee and LOT more HP. Kinda overpower, uh?

*Weapons for each build*

Critical SinX:
1) Elemental Katars- eg. Katar of ice icicle- Just to make sure if they are crazy armour switchers. And plus you could use them to go against BKs and Chocos, they work pretty well on them
2) Xecutioner/KoC - A Must, carry at least 2 if you are going to PvP, for the effect/status Cards.
3) Lords Knife/OB - They would work too, Carry 2 around when PvP ing.

Breaker SinX:
1) Lords Knife/OB - They PWN! Must use them if you are a Breaker SinX. Carry around 3-4 when PvP
2) Talefings/PW - To me, complete waste of 40M (PK) but for cool sprites, (Girls Only), Why not. Edit: Not really a waste of money. IMO, breaker SinX should use +10 with 4 Chocos and Shield (Thara, GTB/TGTB).

**By the way, Since Breaker is INT based, 2 Faiths are highly recommended. Edit: Megingjard + 1 Faith makes better damage than 2 Faiths.

MA SinX:
1) Lords Knife/OB - Again, they are the best weapon choice.
2) Talefing/PW - Well, they would work, but I still think Lord knife own them. Edit: If you are MAing into WoE, PW should be better bcuz of the higher DMG.

Hybird build
1) Lord Knife/OB/Talefing/PW - Have around 2 for breaker and MA. If you have more then use them for Crit too.
2) Xecutioner and other elemental katars - For Crit. In case to have to switch builds very quickly it is easier to change because its a 2 handed weapon. Put 1 or 2 in your shortcut keys. This is when /bm comes in handy.

*Cards to put in Weapon*
For Leveling:: 4 chocos, or plain 3 Hydras and 1 skel worker if you train in crystal cave. Also 3 Petites and 1 Bapho for Abyss.

For PvP:( You're gonna need a lot of weapons to do well in PvP )
1) Effect/Status cards - They can really give your opponent a hard time. My personal favourate combos: -2 Curse 2 Silence, -4 Curse, -4Silence, -2 Curse 2 Freeze.
2) Race, size family - -3 Hydras, 1 Skel worker, (for MA SinX, instead of skel worker, put in a Phreeroni card).

Assualter card: After the updates, there are a lot of questions about Assualter cards. Now, assualter cards give you 7 Crit and remember that. To hit everyone 100% no miss, you need 114 Crit, the Crit stacks, so if you use 4 Assualters, you will have 28 Crits boost. As for the stats, if you are using dual weild. You have to calculate the number of LUK you need yourself. Remember, you have 28 Crit already, so add it to your current crit, then see how much more LUK/Crit you need, then keep adding until you have 114 Crit.

I am still testing out the beest combo with this card. Though the one I personally am using, which I found is probably the best out of all the other combos I've tried, is:
1st Wep: 3 Hydras + 1 Skel worker (184% on non-peco players) / 4 Hydras (182%, best on Peco LK/Pally)
2nd Wep: 4 Assualters.

*The way to PvP*
First of all, Enchant poison (EP) and Enchant deadly poison (EDP), They are like, what SinX is all about, Crazy damage with EDP. A lot of players think PvP-ing with EDP is darn easy, "just one click and there you have it, Ownage". Nope, I don't think so, Armour, garment, and weapon switching, these elements are the ones that make PvP-ing interesting. It is very hard to do all that switching, but hey, dont wanna get owned? deal with it.

Breaker SinX - Pure INT breaker SinX? Backslide works with it. If you are going against any other SinX with a breaker build, one of the best thing to do is to use Maya Purple card, so you can still breaker them while they hide/cloak, it is very useful against them. Also, if you want extreme fast breaker, you can have a clown to use magic strings and spam breaker real fast. I see some of them spamming them as fast as wizard's Magic Crasher.
Critical SinX - Remember, don't always rely on EP, use Elemental Katars, or just use Magnum break.
Meteor SinX - Well, just MA, stun, blind and make them bleed hard.^^

Remember to use effect/status cards too guys, they PWN!!

Ok, a lot of people are asking why LKs and not Talefings, this is why. Reason 1, +10 All stats if you are using 2 LKs, Gives a boost to breaker builds. Reason 2, Double attack. There is a reason why you have that double attack stacked up till lvl 10. Double attack is better than just plain Critting, if you use LKs and Critting all the time, then you are missing out one of the most important point of using LKs.

Ok, I think this pretty much covers it all, any confusion or comments, please drop a reply, I wont hate you ^^.

Special thanks? (Credits):
Well, to Vincent (Inunotaishou) who recommended me to play this game. Though he left to Australia a month ago. Delgelato, who gave so much advice and tips. Gotta thank him loads. ^Crazy_Killer^, thanks dude, for letting me test the envenom build on you.^^

Peace out guys,


Evenom Build - Still being tested, will be added in guide soon.

~*!|OK that's some stat's for you guys hope it helps getting you started...as for the skills i'll be writting the about the skills myself......so here it goes|!*~
Allows a character to disappear instantaneously. The level affects the character's movement speed, increasing with higher levels and if the character is adjacent to a wall. SP will Drain slowly over time.

Level 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
Movement Speed(Off-Wall) 0 0 79 82 85 88 91 94 97 100
Movement Speed(On-Wall) 103 106 109 112 115 118 121 124 127 130
1sp drained per X second(s) 0.5 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9

Cloaking makes the target invisible to players and monsters while retaining the ability to move unlike Hide.
Characters cannot attack and do not regenerate HP or SP with in the Cloak status. They can use skills (which will cancel cloaking) and items.
Does not cancel targeted skills (eg. Fire Bolt, Guillotine Fist) unlike Hiding.

Revealing Cloaked Players
Revealing or seeing a cloaked player is the same for Hidden ones.
Monsters that can detect cloaked players: Insect race, Demon race, those with the Boss Protocol.
Skills that will reveal a cloaked player: Detect, Improve Concentration, Ruwach, Sight, Heaven's Drive, Earth Spike, Arrow Shower. Ruwach and Sight will reveal cloaked players as long as they remain within the range, whereas a player can immediately Cloak again after being revealed by Improve Concentration.
Items that reveal a cloaked player only to the user: Box of Sunlight, Maya Purple carded headgear.
AoE (Area of Effect) skills hit players out of cloak.

Enchant Poison
Imbues the character's weapon with Poison property. Switching or removing weapons removes the effect. Every hit has a chance of causing the Poison status ailment to the target.

The Poison property deals 125% damage to Lv 1 and Lv 2 Earth, Fire, Wind, and property monsters.
Bypass Raydric carded garments.
Deals 100% damage to Ghostring carded armors.
Level Poison Chance (%)
1 3
2 3.5
3 4
4 4.5
5 5
6 5.5
7 6
8 6.5
9 7
10 7.5

An attack that hits a 3x3 area around the target with a 200% ATK Modifier. Lv 1 and Lv 2 are considered melee (can be blocked by Safety Wall) while Lv 3 and above are considered ranged (can be blocked by Pneuma). Grimtooth stacks with Enchant Deadly Poison.

Level Cell Range
1 3
2 4
3 5
4 6
5 7

Requires user to be wielding a Katar class weapon.
Requires user to be in Hide status.
The introduction of the quest skill Venom Knife allowed an Assassin to equip arrows. Arrows only work with long range attacks so the only skill Assassins have that will benefit from this is Grimtooth (Lv 3 or above). Only status arrows work with GT, not elemental arrows.
Grimtooth is mostly used as an anti-mob skill. Some players use GT to kill Snipers in Biolabs to level fast. Other uses include mobbing in Ruins of Juperos.

Katar Mastery
Increases damage of katars. Ignores reductions from Armor and VIT Defense. Does not stack with Elemental and Skill modifiers.

Skill Level Damage Increase
1 +3
2 +6
3 +9
4 +12
5 +15
6 +18
7 +21
8 +24
9 +27
10 +30

Lefthand Mastery
When equipped with a weapon in both hands, Assassins suffer from damage reduction. Learning the Lefthand Mastery skill regains the damage potential of weapons equipped in the left hand.

Skill Level Left-handed Weapon Damage
1 40%
2 50%
3 60%
4 70%
5 80%

Poison React
Counters a Poison property attack with a one-time physical attack. The counter attack has a 50% chance of causing the poison effect to the victim. The attack property is the same as the character's right-hand. The skill also has a 50% chance to cast level 5 Envenom when hit by a physical, non-poison property attack. Number of Envenoms depend on the skill level. The skill will cancel when it counters a poison property attack, reaches its Envenom limit or after a duration.

Level +ATK (%) Max Number of Envenoms Skill Duration SP Cost
1 130% 1 20 20
2 160% 1 25 25
3 190% 2 30 30
4 220% 2 35 35
5 250% 3 40 40
6 280% 3 45 45
7 310% 4 50 50
8 340% 4 55 55
9 370% 5 60 60
10 400% 5 60 45

Righthand Mastery
When an Assassin equips two weapon, one in each hand, the weapon in the right hand only inflicts 50% of its potential damage, and the weapon in the left hand only inflicts 30% of its potential damage. Learning the Righthand Mastery skill regains the damage potential of weapons equipped in the right hand, and mastering this skill nullifies righthand damage reduction resulting from wielding two weapons at once.

Skill Level Right-handed Weapon Damage
1 60%
2 70%
3 80%
4 90%
5 100%

Sonic Blow
A series of 8 fast hits with a chance to Stun the target. The damage is applied instantly and counted as one hit despite the animation. The skill can miss. Stacks with Enchant Deadly Poison.

Level SP Cost ATK Stun Chance
1 16 440% 12%
2 18 480% 14%
3 20 520% 16%
4 22 560% 18%
5 24 600% 20%
6 26 640% 22%
7 28 680% 24%
8 30 720% 26%
9 32 760% 28%
10 34 800% 30%

Requires user to be wielding a Katar class weapon.
Sonic Blow has an animation that lasts for 2 seconds, which cannot be reduced or shortened. Because of this, it cannot be spammed but it can be chained.
ASPD affects the invisible cast time (the amount of time from clicking the skill to the start of the animation) but does not affect the animation speed.
Sonic Acceleration buffs this skill.
Injustice Card permits autocasting a Level 1 Sonic Blow on a melee attack with any weapon.

Venom Dust
Creates a poison cloud in a 2x2 area. Anything entering or standing in the cloud receives the poison effect. The skill however will not reset the Poison duration to already poisoned opponents. Does not work against Boss monsters.

Level Duration (sec.)
1 5
2 10
3 15
4 20
5 25
6 30
7 35
8 40
9 45
10 50

Poisons targets with 100% chance.
Handy against a mob susceptible to poison.
Use to weaken the DEF and HP of (a) target/s and to halt regeneration.

Venom Splasher
Consume a Red Gemstone to turn a target into a "poison bomb". The target will then explode after a few seconds, dealing splash damage around it and poisoning enemies by chance.

Level +ATK (%) Explosion Timer (sec) Re-use Delay (sec) SP Cost
1 550% 5 8 12
2 600% 5.5 8.5 14
3 650% 6 9 16
4 700% 6.5 9.5 18
5 750% 7 10 20
6 800% 7.5 10.5 22
7 850% 8 11 24
8 900% 8.5 11.5 26
9 950% 9 12 28
10 1000% 9.5 12.5 30

Prerequisite conditions
Enemy HP must be less than 3/4.
Cannot be used against Boss monsters.
Cannot successfully 'bomb' another target before the re-use delay ends.
The enemy does not need to be Poisoned.

Interaction with other skills
Poison React adds extra (30% * Skill level)% ATK passive bonus.
Enchant Poison will cause the damage to ignore Immune Garments.
Autocasts work (Falchion and Fireblend).
Does not stack with Enchant Deadly Poison.
Righthand Mastery and Lefthand Mastery do not affect penalties.

This skill always hits.
The explosion will hit every target in a 5x5 area, for (base damage / # of targets in a 3x3 area) damage.
Damage is reduced by DEF.
Element is taken from the Right Hand.
Left Hand weapon ATK is not factored in.
Factors ATK Cards in left hand weapon.
Not affected by +% cards, only affected by ATK cards.
If the target uses the hide skill during the explosion, all damage will be cancelled but the chance to poison the target remains

Sonic Acceleration
Increases the hit and attack power of the skill Sonic Blow. Gives Sonic Blow +50 Hit, and increases the damage by 10% for all skill levels.

Level 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
ATK w/o SA (%) 350 400 450 500 550 600 650 700 750 800
ATK w/ SA (%) 385 440 495 550 605 660 715 770 825 880

Hit versus Accuracy
Sonic Acceleration does not give a flat +50 Hit. If your status window Hit is 100, using Sonic Blow while having SA will not increase it to 150. SA gives +50% "Hit", the Hit actually being Accuracy rate. Accuracy rate is the final percentage the game calculates after counting in the player's Hit Rate and Enemy's Flee Rate. If the player's Hit was 100 and the enemy's Flee is 150, the Accuracy rate is 30%. When the player uses Sonic Blow, Sonic Acceleration increases that 30% chance to 45%

Venom Knife
Throw a Venom Knife at mid range to deal damage and poison the enemy.

Venom Knives are an arrow type equipment and can be purchased from the Assassin Guild for 50z each.
Venom Knife damage is derived from base ATK and does not count race/size/element cards or Enchant Deadly Poison.
Chance to Poison is based on the player's level of Envenom.
The introduction of the quest skill Venom Knife allows an Assassin to equip arrows. Arrows only work with long range attacks so the only skill Assassins have that will benefit from this is Grimtooth (level 3 or above). Additionally, only status arrows work with Grimtooth, not elemental arrows.

Advanced Katar Mastery
Raises damage with Katars by a set percent. Works like a weapon card and only adds damage with skills that count them.

Level Damage increase (%)
1 12
2 14
3 16
4 18
5 20

Create Deadly Poison
Creates a bottle containing Deadly Poison. If the skill fails, the caster will receive an amount of damage equal to 20% of maximum HP.

Poison Bottles can only be created through the skill Create Deadly Poison. Some ingredients are needed to create one. DEX and LUK affect the success rates of brewing Poison Bottles.

Berserk Potion: The Tool Dealers in Comodo and Lighthalzen sell these.
Venom Canine:
Dropped by Boas, Anacondaqs and Side Winders. They spawn in large quantities at Sograt Desert 13.
Cactus Needle:
Dropped by Mukas. The best places to hunt them are Sograt Desert 18 and Sograt Desert 06.
Bee Sting:
Dropped by Hornets. The best places to hunt them are Prontera Field 00 and Mt. Mjolnir 04.
Poison Spore:
Dropped by Poison Spores. The best places to hunt them are Payon Forest 05 and Mt. Mjolnir 07.
Empty Bottle:
Dropped by different monsters. It is best to gather them from Mukas so as to harvest two ingredients at once. Goats drop them at the highest rate and are found on Einbroch Field 06 and Juno Field 06. Ant Eggs in Ant Hell 1 and Removers in Somatology Laboratory 1 are also viable options.
Only dropped by four monsters and at very low rates. Poison Spores are the easiest to hunt. Removers are another option. A third option is the Biochemist skill Cultivate Plant, which at level 1 summons a Red Mushroom or a Black Mushroom by chance using one Mushroom Spore. Red Mushrooms drop these at 0.5%.

Success Rate = Base Rate + [ (Base Rate * DEX/50) + (Base Rate * LUK/100) ]

*Base Rate is assumed to be at 20%.

Simplified: Success Rate = 20% + (0.4% DEX) + (0.2% LUK)

Ways To Increase Success Chance
Decent base DEX and LUK. Blessing. (+10 DEX) Gloria. (+30 LUK) Marionette Control. (skill of Minstrel/Gypsy) Battle Chant. (+20 stats) Guild Skill Sharp Gaze (+5 DEX at level 5, not really recommended) Equipments: Apple of Archer (+3 DEX), Lucky Mantle (+2 LUK), Quad Dexterous Knife x2 (+8 DEX), Crystal Pumps (+5 LUK), Nimble Gloves x2 (+8 DEX)

Wear the equipments above and get Blessing only after Marionette Control has been casted on the player to get the full DEX bonus.
Have a Priest standby to Heal the player when Create Deadly Poison fails.
Make use the Bard skill Magic Strings to reduce Create Deadly Poison's cast delay thus speeding up brewing.
Only brew when either a Priest or a Minstrel/Gypsy can assist so Karvonidailrols won't be wasted.

A requirement for Enchant Deadly Poison to activate.
When Poison Bottles are used by a non-Assassin class character, it causes instant death.
If an Assassin Cross drinks a Poison Bottle, they will be given a boost in ASPD for 30 seconds. This is not the same as using Poison Bottles by activating Enchant Deadly Poison.

Enchant Deadly Poison
This skill consumes one Poison Bottle (created with the Create Deadly Poison skill), and enchants a weapon with deadly poison to increase its damage potential. This skill does not change the weapon's attack property. Skill level affects damage increase, duration and SP consumption. There is a chance to cause a more severe version of the poison status effect on enemies as you deal damage with all levels of this skill. This poisoning aspect of the skill does not work against boss protocol monsters, as they are immune to status effects.

Level Damage (%) Duration (sec) SP Cost
1 200 40 60
2 250 45 70
3 300 50 80
4 350 55 90
5 400 60 100

EDP does NOT change the wielder's Weapon Element to Poison.
EDP is the signature skill of the Melee Assassin Cross. This skill puts a SinX in good chances with almost any MVP. In PvP or WoE it nearly ensures you will take out your target unless taken out first. In WoE it makes you a complete beast at breaking an emp, as if Sins were not good enough before. Katar, Dagger or even most Skill-based SinX can use this skill alone to take their characters to a whole new level.
EDP cannot be dispelled by the Sage's skill Dispell.
The poison effect that can be caused on enemies while this skill is active depletes HP significantly faster than regular poison, but cannot drain a target's HP below 1/4th health (in the red).

Meteor Assault
Attack all enemies within 2 cells in any direction around the caster with the probability of causing Stun, Blind or Bleeding. There is a cast time and after-cast delay which can both be reduced. Levels of this skill increase the damage, chance of status effects and SP consumption.

Level Damage (%) Inflict Status Chance (%) SP Cost
1 80 10 10
2 120 15 12
3 160 20 14
4 200 25 16
5 240 30 18
6 280 35 20
7 320 40 22
8 360 45 24
9 400 50 26
10 440 55 28

While this is an Area of Effect skill, it only has a range of 5 cells outward from the caster.
The cast can be canceled. Thus when mobbing for MA, it is advised to bring along a Phen or Bloody Butterfly carded Accessory.
This attack takes on the weapon's element but not certain Weapon Cards. Neither +% Damage nor Status Cards function with MA. The only cards/properties of cards or equipment that work are ones that give +ATK.
MA is unaffected by Enchant Deadly Poison.
MA works in conjunction with the weapon Ice Pick.
MA does not add the effects of Swordbreaker or Mailbreaker items to any targets hit.

Soul Destroyer

A ranged skill that consists of two parts of damage, one based on INT and the other based on ATK.

Level Cast Delay (sec) SP Cost
1 1 20
2 1.2 20
3 1.4 20
4 1.6 20
5 1.8 20
6 2 30
7 2.2 30
8 2.4 30
9 2.6 30
10 2.8 30

Damage on a "hit" = (INT*5*SkillLv + Random(500~1000)) + (((ATK*SkillLv)*(100-Enemy DEF) - Enemy VIT) (Elemental Modifier)

Damage on a "miss" = INT*5*SkillLv + Random(500~1000)

In plain text: Soul Destroyer has 2 parts to it's damage which add to each other in the end. One part is based on your INT (read: not MATK), and the other is based on your ATK (minus the left-hand weapon's ATK). Both are actually considered, by the game's coding, to be Ranged Physical attacks.

INT part
The base damage follows the formula: [(INT * 5 * Skill Level) + Random(500~1000)].
Never misses.
Is non-elemental. No, not Neutral, but "non-elemental" meaning it is 100% unaffected by element of the target. This means that it will do 100% to Ghost element.
Because of the way it is coded, Immune(Raydric Card) DOES affect this portion.
It is affected by Thara Frog Card, Horn Card and Poo.
Is not affected by MDEF, Maya Card or Golden Thief Bug Card.
Is not affected by any +% Damage Cards such as Vadon, Hydra, Skel Worker, Turtle General, etc.

ATK part
The base damage follows the formula: [(Total ATK - Left Hand Weapon's ATK) * Skill Level]
Can miss, depending on your hit and your target's FLEE, just like a normal attack.
Takes on the elemental property of your weapon (if you are dual wielding it takes on the element of the Right Hand).
Is affected by target's DEF and VIT.
Is affected by all cards affecting any normal attack's damage (Immune, Cranial, Horn, Poo)
Applies any defense-bypassing weapons such as Ice Pick or Combat Knife. Ice Pick's damage mods apply as well.
Is not affected by any +% Damage Cards such as Vadon, Hydra, Skel Worker, Turtle General, etc.
Note that +ATK from any weapon Cards do apply, even if other parts of the card do not. Skel Worker's +15% on Medium does not apply, but it's +5 ATK does.
Add those two up and you get the final damage.

Being ranged, the skill is completely blocked by Pneuma.
EDP does not affect Soul Destroyer's damage in any way.
+% Cards do not affect Soul Destroyer's damage in any way.
Status cards' effects do not carry.
Ice Pick affects only the physical part.
Items that allow your attacks to bypass the target's defense, such as Combat Knife and Ceaser's Sword apply in either hand.
Zipper Bear's SP cost-per-attack does carry through to SD. One for each Zipper Bear Card.
You cannot use any other skills during the after-cast delay.
Cast Time can be reduced by DEX, Suffragium, various Cards and Magic Strings.
When dual wielding and casting Soul Destroyer, you are not penalized for the lack of Righthand Mastery or Lefthand Mastery skills.
The ONLY ATK that does not apply is that of any left-hand weapon.
The Sign (accessory) does not affect Soul Destroyer's damage.
When dual weilding, the atk value of your support weapon will not contribute to Soul Destroyer's damage. Only atk cards will have effect.

Hallucination Walk

[Not Implemented]

Create mirror images while enabling the player to cloak freely without walls. Hallucinations have twice your Max HP and last for the set duration or until their HP is gone. When all the images disappear, the player will be uncloaked. The player can be detected via Detection skills as well.

Level Duration (Sec) Cast Time (Sec)
1 10 1.4
2 12 1.2
3 14 1
4 16 0.8
5 18 0.6
6 20 0.4
7 22 0.2
8 24 0.2
9 26 0.2
10 28 0.2

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